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Sustainability Reporting

  • Sustainability Reporting is the way entities share their results about their Environmental and Social Performance.
  • Sustainability Reporting is acquiring a key role for entities listed in stock markets since ESG raters use those reports to provide their evaluation of the entities. This has an impact on their ability to get financed in an easier or harder way.
  • Entities have embarked on the pursue of the Sustainability Report that presents them as Environmentally and Socially friendly, and based on the approach they can be categorized into the following groups:
    • The first group is the less advanced and accounts for the largest group. They did not have a Sustainability Governance System to back the results and they perceived the Sustainability Reporting as an end in itself which has ended in labeling them as greenwashing.
    • The second group is less populated and has used the gaps found during the preparation of the Sustainability Report for creating environmental and social plans and activities to address risks and exploit opportunities, but still do not count with a Sustainability Governance system.
    • The third group is the less populated, they prepare their Sustainability Report as a result of the outputs of a solid Sustainability Governance System that has the Sustainability Reporting as an element of it.
  • Triple Sustainability team counts with professionals that master the different reporting standards and can help any entity regardless of the stage of the journey it be.

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