Non Financial Information Statement

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Non Financial Information Statement

  • The Non-Financial Information Statement (NFIS) constitutes a statement that must include a description of the results and risks policies linked, at least, to the following points:
    • Environmental issues
    • Social and staff-related issues
    • Human rights
    • Fight against corruption and bribery
  • Although the NFIS is already mandatory for the largest companies, the trend is that the non-financial information requirements and the regulation in this regard will grow progressively, so the incorporation of these aspects in the strategic plans of companies and groups is going to become an essential factor.
  • Triple Sustainability helps companies to reasonably and consistently identify the evaluation processes of the material aspects of the organization, to define policies and strategies in this regard, and use and manage the information obtained to favor the transition towards a sustainable business model that is appreciated by investors and the public from an ESG perspective.

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