Green Sustainable Financing Framework

Green Sustainable Financing Framework

The advice for the elaboration of a company’s Green Sustainable Financing Framework starts with a critical analysis of the minimum requirements to be fulfilled in relation to its Sustainability Governance for the development of its Sustainable Financing Framework.

To this end, the following aspects will be analyzed as a minimum:

– Selection and evaluation process of the projects that may constitute the portfolio of eligible projects.

– Definition of the participants in the Sustainable Financing Committee to guarantee independence in the eligibility of projects.

– Definition of the timing of the evaluation of the projects.

– Definition of the verification process that projects meet the eligibility criteria based on the contribution that green projects make to the environmental objectives contemplated in the EU taxonomy or are aligned with the principles of ICMA, LMA and any other relevant application standard.

In addition, advice will be given on the inclusion of other aspects such as:

– The company’s alignment with sustainability

– Asset eligibility criteria

– The process of monitoring the use of funds raised

– Reporting

The green finance framework can be verified through an SPO process.

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