EU Taxonomy Assistance

Keys and Conformity

EU Taxonomy Assistance

  • The Taxonomy is a tool developed by the European Union to help investors, companies, issuers and project promoters to enable the transition to a low-carbon, resilient and resource-efficient economy in the EU.
  • The Taxonomy establishes “technical selection criteria” for different economic activities so that:
    • They contribute substantially to at least one of the six environmental objectives defined in the Regulation:
      • Climate Change Mitigation
      • Adaptation to Climate Change
      • Protection and Sustainable Management of Marine Resources
      • Transition to the Circular Economy
      • Pollution Prevention and Control
      • Protection and Restoration of Biodiversity and Ecosystems
    • Do not significantly harm any of them; and
    • Comply with the minimum social guarantees.
  • Triple Sustainability helps companies, advising them in the implementation of sustainability governance that implies compliance with the Taxonomy.

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