Environmental and Social Assessment and Management

Social and Environmental Licensing

Environmental and Social Assessment and Management

  • The development and subsequent management of projects require Environmental and Social assessment and definition of plans to obtain:
    • Environmental License from authorities
    • Social License from the communities
  • According to Goldman Sachs (2010), Non-Technical Risks account for up to 70-75% of cost and schedule failures in projects in the form of schedule delays and cost overruns, local deal opportunities, and a host of stakeholder-related issues.
  • Depending on the jurisdiction, the Environmental License is granted by authorities in one instance or two (construction and operation) based on the analysis of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, supporting studies, and subsequent Environmental and Social Management Plans.
  • The Social License is not a formal and unique process that results in a permit, but a continuous relationship with the stakeholders to first obtain the approval and thereafter maintain the social trust and support on the project. The Social License exerts a high degree of influence on the Environmental License to the extent that a mismanaged social process can ruin an environmentally friendly project.
  • Triple Sustainability personnel has been involved in many processes for different industries and jurisdictions that ensure a smoother journey to the project’s success.

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